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0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet roll
0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet
 PET Rigid Sheet
PET Rigid Sheet
 PET Rigid roll
PET Rigid roll
0.4mm White PET Rigid roll
0.4mm White PET Rigid roll
0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet product
0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet product

0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet roll

1. PET sheet roll is a degradable environmentally friendly packaging material.Non-toxic, no problem for food packing.
2. PET sheet roll is wildly used as visual packaging electronic products, foods and pharmaceutical products.
3. Easy for processing due to good plasticity, which is suitable for die cutting, vacuum forming and folding.
Product Detail

Welcome to HSQY Plastic Group – Your Reliable Partner in Quality Plastic Solutions

HSQY Plastic Group is a company headquartered in China that focuses on foreign trade business. Backed by many years of experience and an excellent professional team, we provide B2B customers with a full range of plastic product solutions.

● Years of establishment:
HSQY Plastic Group was established in 2008. We have invested in and cooperated with more than 12 plants. There are over 40 production lines - providing various plastic raw materials and products, including PVC sheet, PVC film, PET sheet, PVC foam board, and so on. Over the years, we have always adhered to the customer-centered, quality-oriented business philosophy. Through continuous efforts and innovation, we have achieved remarkable results in the international market.

● Main products:
Our main products cover many fields, including but not limited to:
PVC sheet and roll materials: We provide PVC sheet and roll materials of various specifications and colors, which are widely used in advertising, packaging, construction and other industries.
PET sheet and roll materials: Produce high-transparency, high-strength PET sheet rolls for packaging and printing fields.
PVC Soft Film: We also offer high-quality PVC soft film that can be used in various applications such as advertising decoration, aquarium, exhibition layout, etc.
Acrylic sheet: Supply high-quality, weather-resistant acrylic sheets, which can be widely used in billboards, display racks, decoration and other fields.
PVC foam board: It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation and sound insulation, and is suitable for construction, interior decoration and other fields.

● Developing:
In 2019, We have invested a new factory, focusing on the research and development of new environmentally friendly food trays. The main products include CPET tray, starch-based lunch boxes, bagasse food containers, PP food containers, PET food containers, PET foam containers, and other plastic products.


High chemical stability,fine anti-fire,super-transparentHighly UV.stabilized,good mechanical properties,high hardness and strengthThe sheet aslo has well aging resistance,good selfextinguishing property and reliable insulativityMoreover the sheet is waterproof and has very good smooth surface,and is non deformableApplication:chemical industry,oil industry,galvanization,water purification equipments, environment protection equipments,medical appliance and so onimportant item: the sheet anti-stastic,anti-UV,anti-sticky

Product Introduction

APET Advantages:Crystal clear appearanceHealthy,does not contain any harmful elements.With good strength and the extensions.After burning not poison gas discharge, waste easy to handle, in line with the requirements of environmental protection

PETG AdvantagesHigh transparency, good glossyStrong viscosity, good barrier resistanceNo stress-whitening, fold-resistantGood chemical stability,not easy corrosionresistance to low temperature embrittlement

Product Parameters

ThicknessWidthDensityHeat resistance (continuous)
Heat resistance (short)Linear thermal expansion coefficientCombustibility (UL94)Bibulous rate (23 ° C water soak for 24 hours)Bending tensile stress
160℃Average 23-100°C60x10-6 m/(m.k)HB6%90MPa
Breaking tensile strainThe tensile modulus of elasticityNormal strain compressive stress(-1% / 2% )Gap pendulum impact test

Production Process

  • Plasticizing

  • Film coating

  • Sheet cutting

  • Bag packing

  • Pallet packing

  • Container load

Packing & Delivery

A4 size rigid PVC with PP bag in box
Sheet packing
100 sheets per bag or as your requirement
Roll packing
50kg per roll or as your requirement
Pallets packing
500- 2000kg per wooden pallet
Container load
20 tons as normal

Unveiling the Distinct Features of 0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet Roll

Precision Thickness:
Our 0.4mm PET rigid sheet rolls are engineered with meticulous precision, ensuring consistent thickness throughout the entire roll. This uniformity is crucial for applications where precision and reliability are paramount.
Crisp White Aesthetics:
Experience the pristine white brilliance of our PET sheet rolls. Designed to enhance the visual appeal of your products, the crisp white color provides an ideal background for packaging, making your items stand out.
Structural Rigidity:
Despite its slim profile, our PET sheet roll offers exceptional rigidity. This feature is a game-changer for applications that require structural integrity, providing stability without compromising flexibility.
The moderate thickness of 0.4mm ensures the durability of the membrane, allowing it to perform well in multiple industries.
Customizable Lengths:
Tailor the length of your PET sheet roll to match your specific requirements. Our customization options empower you to optimize material usage, reduce waste, and enhance cost-efficiency in your operations.
Customizable Surface Treatments:
Except smooth surface, PET sheets can be finished double glossy, double matte, double coarse sand surface. Also, can be finished single glossy, single matte, single and single coarse sand surface.
Strong Printing Adaptability:
Suitable for a variety of printing technologies, providing more creative space for your design. Whether it's a delicate pattern or a vivid image, it can be presented with ease.
Premium Raw Materials:
Our PET sheet rolls begin with the finest raw materials. Premium PET resin forms the foundation, ensuring that the sheets not only meet industry standards but exceed expectations in terms of durability and performance.
Environmental Responsibility:
We recognize the importance of sustainability in today's business landscape. Our PET sheet rolls are not only high-performing but also eco-friendly, supporting your commitment to responsible business practices.

Applications Tailored to Your Industry

Packaging Excellence:
Our 0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet Roll is designed to elevate your packaging solutions. Whether you're in the food and beverage industry, electronics, or industrial manufacturing, our sheets provide the perfect balance of protection and presentation.
Printing and Labeling Precision:
The smooth surface of our PET sheets ensures an excellent printing substrate. Achieve vibrant and sharp prints for labels, graphics, or product information, enhancing the visual appeal of your products.
Display and Presentation:
In visual merchandising and displays, our white PET sheet roll becomes a canvas for creativity. Create eye-catching displays that captivate your audience and highlight your products effectively.

In the competitive landscape of B2B procurement, we address key concerns to provide you with

Customization Options: Tailor specifications to meet unique requirements. Our flexible manufacturing process accommodates customization in dimensions, thickness, and other parameters.

Quality Assurance: As a B2B buyer, reliability is paramount. Rest assured, our PET sheet roll undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet and exceed international standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Beyond quality, we understand the significance of cost-effectiveness. Benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on excellence.

Supply chain stability: A reliable supply chain system has been established globally to ensure timely delivery and reduce transportation costs.

Logistics and Timely Delivery: Time is of the essence. Our streamlined logistics ensure timely delivery, meeting project timelines and maintaining operational efficiency.

Technical Support: We offer comprehensive technical support, ensuring you make informed decisions and get the most out of our PET sheet roll in your applications.

Unlock a realm of possibilities with our 0.4mm White PET Rigid Sheet Roll. At HSQY Plastic Group, we don't just offer a product; we provide a strategic partnership for B2B success. Elevate your brand, redefine your products, and embark on a journey of innovation and prosperity with us. Your success is our commitment.

Choose HSQY Plastic Group, choose excellent quality and a reliable partner. If you have any further questions or cooperation intentions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your trust!

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