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PVC Pharmaceutical Film

PVC pharmaceutical film offers excellent clarity, allowing for clear visibility of the packaged product. It has good tensile strength and flexibility, ensuring that it can withstand handling and transportation without tearing or deforming. Additionally, it has good sealing properties, preventing leakage and ensuring the contents remain secure.

PVC pharmaceutical film is widely used in the packaging of solid oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. It provides a tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging option. It is also used for packaging liquids and semi-solids in pouches or vials. Beyond packaging, it can be used in the manufacturing of medical devices and as a coating for containers to improve their barrier properties.

HSQY Plastic is a leading supplier in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, aiming to provide customers with safe and high-quality packaging raw materials. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging films including Rigid PVC Blister Film, PVC/PVDC Film, Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil, PVC/EVOH/PE, and PET/EVOH/PE.

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