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Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet
Soft PVC Transparent Sheet

Soft PVC Transparent Sheet

Soft PVC Transparent Sheet replaces the disadvantages of traditional glass, such as bulky, fragile, and hurtful. It is suitable for all countertops such as dining tables, desks, writing tables, bedside tables and coffee tables. It has extremely high transparency, and can heat tea, hot soup, cold and frost, heavy pressure, non-toxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly.

Thickness: 0.05MM-6MM
Size:customizable size
Color:clear,customizable col
Certificated:EN71-3 / Reach / Non-P certificated/21 P/Prob 65
Special requirements:anti-cold, anti-UV, environmental can be customized.
Product Detail

Welcome to HSQY Plastic Group - Your Trusted Partner in Plastic Materials for Over 18 Years!

At HSQY Plastic Group, a distinguished manufacturer and trader in China for 18 years, we take pride in our legacy of providing top-quality plastic materials.Specializing in PET, PVC, and CPET solutions, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our B2B clients, offering a comprehensive range of products.

Transparent Soft PVC Film: Unmatched Clarity, Unparalleled Versatility

Introduction Of Transparent Soft PVC Film

Transparent Soft PVC Film is a high-quality plastic composite material with smooth surface, bright and transparent, no cracks and bubbles, uniform color, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, generally used in anti-corrosion projects, tensile strength, anti-aging, It has many characteristics such as good light transmittance and long service life.It is widely used in table cloth, tents, door curtain, pharmaceuticals, food factories, clothing factories, work platforms, mechanical surfaces, various office desks, etc.

Product Description

Product nameSuper Clear/ Normal Clear/ Embossed PVC Soft Film
Material"LG" and famous brands PVC resin
Width50mm - 2200mm
Thickness0.05mm - 6mm
SurfaceGlossy /Embossed
Machines11 lines large calendar machines from Germany, 5 extrusion lines
CertificateEN71-III / Reach / Non-P certification

The Core Attributes of HSQY Transparent Soft PVC Film

1.Thickness and Width Range
Thickness: 0.05-5mm, width 50-2000mm and customized
Tailor our transparent soft PVC films to your specific requirements with our range of thickness and width options.Whether you need a thin film for flexibility or a thicker variant for added strength, we've got you covered.

2.Production Process
There are three different production processes, including the Calender, Lamination, Extrude.We will choose different production process according to the soft pvc film thickness, width, application etc.Our HSQY Sales Team will give our customers the best professional suggestions.

3.Roll Weight
Usually around 20-80kg, if less than 20kg each roll price is a little higher, and more than 80kg each roll is difficult to carry.

1.30g/cm3 for calender.1.25-1.30g/cm3 for Extrude.

5.Color Choice
Transparent color is the most popular, red, yellow, and orange can also be produced.You only need to provide the Pantone color number or provide samples, and we can produce the corresponding colors.

Usually use kraft paper or pearl cotton to pack, then choose standard export pallets to package.Package can be customized according to customer requirements.

Production Process

  • Plasticizing

  • Film coating

  • Sheet cutting

  • Bag packing

  • Pallet packing

  • Container load

Packing & Delivery

A4 size Super Clear PVC Soft Film in envelope
LCL packing
Paper Core+EPE Sponge+Black Film+Pallet
LCL packing
Paper Core+EPE Sponge+Black Film+Carton+Pallet
Container loading
Paper Core+EPE Sponge+Black Film

Features and Applications

1.Exceptional Transparency and Clarity
Our transparent soft PVC films are engineered with precision to deliver unparalleled transparency and clarity.Ideal for various applications where visual aesthetics matter, these films provide a crystal-clear view without compromising on durability.

2.UV Resistance for Extended Longevity
HSQY's transparent soft PVC films are formulated with UV-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and maintaining their clarity even when exposed to sunlight.This feature makes them an excellent choice for outdoor applications, providing reliability and durability.

3.Chemical Resistance for Robust Performance
Our films are designed to withstand various chemicals, making them suitable for applications where exposure to different substances is a concern.This chemical resistance enhances the durability and performance of our transparent soft PVC films in demanding environments.

4.Flexible and Durable
Experience the perfect balance of flexibility and durability with our Soft PVC Transparent Sheets.Easily mold or shape the sheets to fit your specific requirements while enjoying the longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

5.Versatile Applications
Discover the versatility of our transparent soft PVC films, suitable for a wide range of applications. Below is the main usage:
(1)Packaging Solutions: mattress film packaging, clothing packaging, etc.Enhance the presentation of your products with our Transparent Soft PVC Film.Perfect for packaging applications, these sheets provide a visually appealing showcase while ensuring protection.
(2)Industrial Curtains and Partitions: Create transparent barriers for industrial spaces without compromising safety.Transparent Soft PVC Film offer a cost-effective solution for dividing workspaces while maintaining visibility.
(3)Medical and Healthcare: Compliant with regulatory standards, our Soft PVC Transparent Sheets are suitable for medical applications, such as protective barriers and equipment coverings.
(4)Stationery and Printing: Enhance the visual impact of stationery and printed materials.Our sheets provide a clear canvas for vibrant printing, making them suitable for various applications in the stationery and printing industry.
(5)Used for table cloth, inflatable toys etc.
(6)Used for tent, and instead of glass windows

Advantages of Choosing HSQY Plastic Group

Customization Possibilities
At HSQY, we understand that every project has unique needs.That's why we offer customization options, allowing you to choose film dimensions, specifications, and even incorporate branding elements to align with your business identity.

Eco-Friendly Solutions
We are committed to sustainability.Our transparent soft PVC films are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and materials, ensuring that your business aligns with global environmental standards.

Quality Assurance

Transaprent Soft PVC Film undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.Trust HSQY Plastic Group for consistent quality you can rely on.

Global Distribution Network

Benefit from our extensive experience in international trade.With a global distribution network, we ensure a seamless and efficient supply chain for our B2B clients worldwide.

Responsive Customer Support

At HSQY Plastic Group, customer satisfaction is our priority.Experience responsive customer support and personalized service throughout your engagement with us.

Competitive Pricing
Benefit from our competitive pricing structure without compromising on quality.HSQY Plastic Group offers cost-effective solutions to enhance your bottom line while maintaining product excellence.

Reliable Supply Chain
As a B2B partner, we recognize the significance of a dependable supply chain.HSQY Plastic Group ensures timely deliveries, reducing downtime and optimizing your operational efficiency.

Our Company

We are a leading manufacturer with 15 years' experienceWe have a complete and scientific quality management systemOur quality can reach ROHS/SGS/REACH standardWe are near Ningbo and Shanghai port, which is convenient for exporting


1. How can I get the price?Please provide the details of your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer at the first time. For designing or further discussion, it is better to contact us with trade manager of Alibaba, Skype, E-mail or other instance ways, in case of any delays.2. How can I get a sample to check your quality?After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.Free for stock sample to check the design and quality, as long as you afford the express freight.3. What about the lead time for mass production?To be honest, it depends on the quantity.
Generally 14-18 working days.
4. What are your terms of delivery?We accept EXW, FOB, CNF, DDU, ect.

Explore the possibilities with HSQY Plastic Group - where transparency meets excellence!

Partner with HSQY Plastic Group for Your Transparent Soft PVC Film Needs
Make HSQY Plastic Group your trusted partner for transparent soft PVC films that exceed expectations.Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive solutions that elevate your business.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the HSQY advantage in transparent soft PVC films.

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