Characteristics and application of plastic roll PET sheet
  2022/02/18| View:1793

PET plastic roll is a new type of plastic product developed in recent years, which is a thermoplastic ring-wrapped plastic product. After burning odorless tasteless, does not produce toxic gases. PET plastic roll has high transparency, no water ripple, no crystallization point, no directivity, no whiteness, good oil resistance and chemical resistance, good toughness and rigidity, good impact resistance (low-temperature impact resistance is also good, about 20% higher than PVC).

pet plastic rollPET plastic roll has many advantages, mainly in the following aspects: it has a good blocking, transparent, impact resistance, cold resistance, not easily broken; high strength, not afraid of friction, material properties are good, special PET sheet also has its unique properties: low-temperature heat seal, high-temperature resistance, anti-static. PET plastic roll has good ductility, good isolation, can be used in medical treatment, can not penetrate, can isolate viruses, and because of its stable nano-molecular structure in post-production, it can act as a barrier, even in the new crown epidemic is now widespread use. PET plastic roll can also be applied to other fields: such as food, medicine, aseptic packaging film; there are also a number of precision instruments, electronics packaging, large mechanical body packaging film, and so on.

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