A method for identifying the quality of pet plastic sheet
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Pet plastic sheet is heard a lot in daily life, but not many people know how to identify the quality of them. PET is white or light yellow highly crystalline polymer, fatigue resistance, good friction resistance, less wear, and high hardness, with the thermoplastic of the largest toughness. There are several ways to tell if a PET plastic sheet is good or not:

pet plastic sheet

1. Smell, pet plastic sheet smells different from plastic, when it is burned with a lighter, it smells very fragrant and comfortable, but if it contains other impurities in the ingredients, the smell is very pungent.

2. Wire drawing, after the PET sheet plastic, is burned, stretch the wire on the lighter to see how long the wire is, and then break the drawn wire to see if the broken point in the middle is rolled into a small circle, the more volume, the higher the melting point.

3. Look at the burned part of the PET plastic sheet, if it is too dark or the oil drips quickly, most of the melting points are abnormal.

pet plastic sheet

A more practical and better way is to buy an oven and bake it at 250℃ for half an hour. If the PET plastic sheet contains PVC, there will be a lot of yellow spots on the surface. If it doesn't have enough melting point, it will melt quickly.

Learn to identify PET plastic sheets, and you can easily find high-quality goods. Of course, finding the right manufacturer for a high-quality PET plastic sheet is also important. HSQY considering that both quality and service are equally important, our plastic products superior performances gain trust from customers. If you want to know more about PET plastic sheets, please email us at vivi@hgqyplastic.com.

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