Difference between PET sheet and PVC sheet/PC sheet
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When we use plastic film, we often come across a choice: which is better, the PC PVC PET sheet, and what's the difference? We generally use plastic film, according to the type of materials, they can be divided into PC, PVC, PET three; according to the material surface, they can be divided into sanding surface and smooth surface.

pet sheet

PC sheet:

PC film material, whether physical or chemical properties, its comprehensive index is good, suitable for a wide variety of ink, it is the most commonly used plastic material for panel surface sticking.

PVC sheet:

The price of PVC thin-film material is lower than other thin-film material, about half of that of PC thin-film material. If PVC thin-film material is chosen, the production cost can be reduced, and the ductility of PVC thin-film material is better, we can use it for cold-press processing three-dimensional bump bump.

PET sheet:

Characteristics of PET sheet: high transparency, high hardness, high biaxial tensile strength, good toughness, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance. The price of PET sheet is higher than that of the other two materials, and most of the properties of PET sheet are similar to that of PC film, but in some special applications, such as insulation, tension and compression, solvent corrosion resistance, and so on, in the case of PC/PVC film material can not meet the application.

pet sheet

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