PVC plastic sheet is a kind of application material with excellent performance, and it can be used everywhere in our daily life. PVC material is cheap, easy to process, corrosion resistant, and it is also a good insulating material.
According to the production process, it can be divided into PVC extruded sheet and PVC calendered sheet. According to the color, there are clear PVC sheet, white PVC sheet, black PVC sheet, matt PVC sheet, and so on. According to the application, there are PVC Christmas films, PVC film for pharmaceutical packaging, Rigid PVC Film Thermoforming Grade, a4 PVC binding sheet, and so on.
Good strength.
Corrosion resistance.
Low cost.
VO flame retardant grade.
Good electrical insulation.
HSQY plastic group is the leading PVC plastic sheet manufacturer &supplier in China, we have more than 20 years of export experience, there are professional team can provide tech support and goods customer service.
There are 10 PVC extrusion lines and 2 PVC calendar lines in the factory, our daily capacity is more than 100 tons per day. As a leading PVC plastic supplier, HSQY plastic group can provide many different kinds of PVC material, such as clear PVC sheet, black PVC sheet, rigid PVC sheet, white PVC sheet, PVC sheet 4x8, PVC sheet rolls, thin PVC sheet, foamed PVC sheet and so on.
In addition to these conventional products, we also have a professional plastic processing center that can provide a series of plastic processing services, such as PVC blister, PVC printing, folding box, PVC die cutting and adhesive, etc.
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  • What is PET sheet?
  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate ) is a general-purpose thermoplastic in the polyester family. PET plastic is lightweight, strong and impact-resistant. It is often used in food processing machinery due to its low moisture absorption, low thermal expansion, and chemical resistant properties.
  • What is the disadvantages of PET?
  • Lower impact strength than PBT Lower moldability than PBT, due its slow crystallization rate Affected by boiling water Attacked by alkalis and strong bases Attacked at high temperatures (>60°C) by ketones, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons and diluted acids and bases Poor burning behavior.
  • What is advantages of PET?
  • It has higher strength and stiffness than PBT.
    It is very strong and lightweight & hence easy and efficient to transport.
    It is known for its good gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide) and moisture barrier properties.
    It exhibits excellent electrical insulating properties.
    PET has broad range of use temperature, from -60 to 130°C.
    As compared to PBT, it also has higher heat distortion temperature (HDT).
    It has low gas permeability, in particularly with carbon dioxide PET is suitable for transparent applications, when quenching during processing.
    PET doesn’t not break or fracture. It is practically shatter-resistant and hence, a suitable glass-replacement in some applications It is recyclable and transparent to microwave radiation.
    PET is approved as safe for contact with foods and beverages by the FDA, Health Canada, EFSA & other health agencie.
  • What are the main applications of PET?
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate is used in several packaging applications as mentioned below:
    Because Polyethylene Terephthalate is an excellent water and moisture barrier material, plastic bottles made from PET are widely used for mineral water and carbonated soft drinks.
    Its high mechanical strength, makes Polyethylene Terephthalate films ideal for use in tape applications.
    Non-oriented PET sheet can be thermoformed to make packaging trays and blisters.
    Its chemical inertness, together with other physical properties, has made it particularly suitable for food packaging applications Other packaging applications include rigid cosmetic jars, microwavable containers, transparent films, etc.
  • What is most common col of PETG?
  • Petg Sheet Colored, Tinted Petg Sheet, Petg Sheet Black, Blue Petg Sheet, Opal White Petg Sheet, Black Semi Transparent Petg Sheet.
  • What is the most common thickness of PETG?
  • 1/4" Petg Sheet, 0.030" Thick Petg Sheet, 1.5mm Petg Sheet.
  • Acrylic vs Petg Sheet
  • Acrylic and PETG sheet both have significant superiority,the best material totally depends on your different usage.
    If you need a anti-scratch material , acrylic is is a good option. If you need a durable material, PETG material you can use it for a long time.
    PETG is more flexible with lower density, it with an 5-7 times impact strength than acrylic. It’s the toughest signage material to break.
  • Where to buy petg sheet?
  • HSQY plastic group is the leading supplier of PETG and PET plastic,we supply many kinds of PETG sheet.You can also find PETG suppliers in below factory.
    Changzhou Huisu Qinye Plastic Group
    Zhejiang Zhongsheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Jumai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Mihan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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