On the shelves of the supermarket, we can see all kinds of fresh foods, which are usually packaged in transparent boxes. So what is this transparent packaging box made of? The most common food packaging box in life is PET plastic. Through thermoforming, we can process PET plastic into any shape, such as boxes, cups, trays, cylinders, etc.
PET plastic is non-toxic, tasteless, green and environmentally friendly, and can directly contact food. At the same time, PET plastic is very low cost and easy to process. It is the first choice for storing food.
However, PET materials also have some disadvantages. Ordinary PET plastics cannot be used for heating and are only suitable for storing food at low temperatures. We also provide some alternatives, such as C-PET or PP plastic, which can be used for heating in microwave ovens.
HSQY provides various types of plastics and a series of solutions. If you have more questions, please contact me.
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