The difference between frosted acrylic sheet and acrylic light panel
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The acrylic light panel is naturally a very bright, smooth surface effect. High transparency, high brightness, no bubble, that is, the basic quality requirement of bright surface acrylic, no matter how thin or how thick the material is, can achieve such quality requirement, which is also why many high-end fashion brands, in the terminal display in the mall, will use a very thick surface acrylic material.

Frosted acrylic sheet, as the name suggests, has a frosted surface, which is opaque when viewed from the material. Frosted acrylic sheet has the advantage that when the acrylic material is handled by hand, the surface of the material is not easy to leave finger marks, which maximizes the cleanliness and tidiness of the product surface during use. And materials in the shopping malls, exhibition halls, and counters of the strong lighting.

frosted acrylic sheet

Due to the sanding effect of the material surface, the material surface will not reflect the light even in the strong light environment when it is displayed in the environment, you can still see what is displayed on the surface of the material.

From the above, we can see that the frosted acrylic sheet and acrylic light panel are all the same material but in different forms. Play a huge role everywhere. Like some shopping malls inside the counter display of goods are through the acrylic light panel to show. The frosted acrylic sheet, on the other hand, has the greatest advantage over acrylic panels in that it resists dirt and leaves no marks even when touched. So some office partitions use the frosted acrylic sheet. In addition, the frosted acrylic sheet has a relatively weak reflective capability, so some light fixtures use the frosted acrylic sheet as well.

frosted acrylic sheet

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