Acrylic sheet supplier analyzes the difference between acrylic sheet and PVC sheet
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We know that many advertising logos can not be separated from acrylic and PVC, of course, metal materials are also necessary, but metal materials are relatively easy to distinguish, ordinary users can also distinguish, so we don’t need to talk about it alone. However, acrylic sheets and PVC sheets are different, and a non-acrylic sheet supplier may not know the difference.

acrylic sheet

The first thing we need to know is the acrylic after a special process of plexiglass, daily life we see more of the state is the plate and particles. Acrylic sheet supplier is often used to make lightboxes and light-emitting letters for its excellent light transmittance, pure color, rich color, and long service life, acrylic sheet supplier believes that acrylic is the best choice at this time, since the type of light is mostly transparent and the light beam can not be directly illuminated, so it needs to be covered to make the light even and soft.

acrylic sheet

And PVC sheet also known as decorative film, with plastic film, is a vacuum plastic film, used for all kinds of surface packaging panels, used in advertising signs, building materials, packaging, medicine, and many other industries. The degree of hardness can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC, according to the production process can be divided into PVC skin foam board and PVC free foam board. In the advertising industry in fact all kinds of types are used, in some places need rust and rain, PVC board is also a better material.

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