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Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
Color Acrylic Sheet
Color Acrylic Sheet
Clear Acrylic Sheet
Clear Acrylic Sheet
Acrylic Sheet
Acrylic Sheet
Color Acrylic Sheet
Color Acrylic Sheet

Clear Color Acrylic Sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet/ Board is made of methyl methacrylate(MMA) as raw material. In the process of plate production,this product goes through pouring shape, then final cooling.
Acrylic sheet is single body within a specific mould for bulk polymerization and organic glass plate, and it can be made as clear without color, transparent colored, or opaque colored PMMA plate. Contact HSQY to get high quality Clear Color Acrylic Sheet.
Product Detail

Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets

HSQY transparent colored cast acrylic sheet offers a diverse selection of colors and thicknesses. This high-quality plexiglass sheet is excellently suited for signage, displays, or creative installations, as it enables objects to be seen clearly on the other side, much like with a tinted window. Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricated.


Acrylic Type: Cast
Finish: Glossy or Matt
Opacity: Transparent
Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1/8"
Tensile Strength: 75 MPa Flexural Strength 115 MPa
Thermal Properties: Minimum Service Temperature -40⁰C Maximum Service Temperature 80⁰C Softening Point > 110⁰C Linear Expansion 7.7×10-5
Optical Properties: Light Transmission > 92% Refractive Index 1.49

Product Description

ItemAcrylic Sheet
Size1200*2400mm / 2050*3050mm or custom
Relative Density1.19 g/cm3
SurfaceGlossy, frosted, embossing, mirror or customized
ColorRed, blue, white, green, black, yellow or custom
High transparencyCast acrylic sheet is the best polymer transparent material,transmittance is 93%. Well known as plastic crystals.
High mechanical propertyCast acrylic sheet has higher strength and impact resistance is 7-18 times higher than ordinary glass.
Light in weightThe density of cast acrylic sheet is 1.20 g/cm³, and for same size of the material, its weight is only half of the ordinary glass.
Easy processingsuitable for both machanical process and termail forming.
It has good resistance to chemical corrosion and it is suitable for surface decoration such as spaying, silkscreen printing, vacuum evaporation coating.

Key Features

1. Crystal Clear Transparency: Our acrylic sheets boast unparalleled clarity, allowing light to pass through effortlessly. Achieve a brilliant, see-through effect that enhances the overall aesthetics of your project.

2. Rich Color Palette: Choose from a diverse range of vibrant colors to suit your specific vision. From bold reds to calming blues, our colored acrylic sheets add a pop of personality to any application.

3. Durable and Lightweight: Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, these sheets are both durable and lightweight. Enjoy the flexibility of acrylic without compromising on strength.

4. Versatile Applications: Whether you're working on signage, displays, or artistic installations, our Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets are perfect for a variety of applications. Let your creativity run wild!

5. Easy to Work With: Cut, shape, and mold these sheets with ease. Their versatility extends to fabrication techniques, making them suitable for both professional and DIY projects.


1. Artistic Creations:
Unleash your creativity with Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets in artistic endeavors. These sheets serve as the perfect canvas for creating stunning paintings, sculptures, and mixed media art. The transparency and vibrant colors add depth and dimension to your artistic expressions.

2. Signage and Displays:
Make a bold statement with eye-catching signage and displays using our Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets. Whether it's for retail spaces, exhibitions, or events, these sheets provide a contemporary and visually appealing solution that captivates attention.

3. Architectural Features:
Architects and designers can integrate Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets into architectural elements to achieve a modern and dynamic aesthetic. From decorative panels to unique partitions, these sheets add a touch of sophistication to interior and exterior spaces.

4. Lighting Fixtures:
Enhance the ambiance of any space by incorporating Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets into lighting fixtures. The sheets diffuse light beautifully, creating a soft and warm glow. This application is ideal for creating custom lampshades, pendant lights, and ambient lighting installations.

5. DIY Home Decor:
Elevate your home decor projects with the versatility of Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets. From creating custom furniture accents to personalized wall art, these sheets allow DIY enthusiasts to transform their living spaces with a touch of color and modern flair.

6. Educational Materials:
In educational settings, these acrylic sheets can be used for interactive displays, visual aids, and hands-on learning materials. Their durability and vibrant colors make them an excellent choice for engaging and educational projects in classrooms and museums.

7. Retail Merchandising:
Merchandisers can utilize Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets to highlight products and create visually appealing product displays. The sheets' transparency allows products to be showcased with clarity, while the colors add a dynamic and attractive element to retail environments.

8. Automotive Customization:
Automotive enthusiasts can use Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets for customizing interior panels, accent lighting, and other design elements in vehicles. The sheets offer a lightweight and stylish solution for adding a personalized touch to car interiors.

Whether you're an artist, designer, or DIY enthusiast, the applications of Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets are vast and varied, providing endless opportunities to bring your creative visions to life.


  • Plasticizing

  • Film coating

  • Sheet cutting

  • Bag packing

  • Pallet packing

  • Container load

Packing & Delivery

A4 size rigid PVC with PP bag in box
Sheet packing
100 sheets per bag or as your requirement
Roll packing
50kg per roll or as your requirement
Pallets packing
500- 2000kg per wooden pallet
Container load
20 tons as normal

Why Choose Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets?

1. Vivid Color Palette:
Immerse yourself in a spectrum of vibrant colors that add life and energy to your projects. Our Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets are available in a rich variety of hues, allowing you to find the perfect shade for every creative endeavor.

2. Crystal-Clear Transparency:
Experience the brilliance of transparency without compromising on color intensity. Our acrylic sheets maintain exceptional clarity, ensuring that your designs and displays shine with unmatched brilliance.

3. Superior Durability:
Crafted from high-quality materials, our acrylic sheets boast superior durability. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these sheets resist yellowing and fading, ensuring that your creations stand the test of time.

Partner with HSQY Plastic Group for Your Clear Color Acrylic Sheet Needs

Welcome to the forefront of color innovation and transparency excellence – your destination for Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets. At HSQY Website, we present a captivating array of acrylic sheets that redefine the boundaries of creativity and design. Uncover the possibilities as we dive into the features, applications, and benefits of our Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets.

Make HSQY Plastic Group your preferred partner for clear color acrylic sheets that elevate your projects. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive solutions that meet the highest standards.

Seamless Ordering and Support

1. User-Friendly Website:
Navigate our website effortlessly. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to explore our product range, find detailed specifications, and place orders with confidence.

2. Expert Customer Support:
Have questions or need assistance? Our expert customer support team is here to help. Contact us via the website, and we'll ensure you receive the information and guidance you need.Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the HSQY advantage in clear color acrylic sheets.

Elevate Your Designs with Transparency and Color
Embark on a journey of creativity and innovation with our Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets. Unleash the power of color and transparency to transform your projects into visual masterpieces. Elevate your designs, captivate your audience – choose transparency, choose color.

Ready to infuse brilliance into your creations? Explore our collection and bring your vision to life with Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheets.

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