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Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
    • Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
    • Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
    • Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
    • Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
    • Clear Color Acrylic Sheet
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Product Description

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Acrylic Sheet


1250x1850mm, 1220*2440mm, 1250*2450mm or customized






Glossy, frosted, embossing, mirror or customized


Clear, white, red, black, yellow, blue, green, brown, etc.,


High transparency

Cast acrylic sheet is the best polymer transparent material,

transmittance is 93%. Well known as plastic crystals.

High mechanical property

Cast acrylic sheet has higher strength and impact resistance

is 7-18 times higher than ordinary glass.

Light in weight

The density of cast acrylic sheet is 1.20 g/cm³, and for same

size of the material, its weight is only half of the ordinary glass.

Easy processing

suitable for both machanical process and termail forming.

It has good resistance to chemical corrosion and it is suitable for surface decoration such as spaying,

silkscreen printing, vacuum evaporation coating.

Product Application

1.Consumer goods: sanitary ware, furniture, stationery, handicrafts, basketball board, display shelf, etc
2.Advertising material: advertising logo signs, signs, light boxes, signs, signs, etc
3.Building materials: sun shade, sound insulation board (sound screen plate), a telephone booth, aquarium, aquarium, indoor wall sheeting, hotel and residential decoration, lighting, etc
4.In other areas: optical instruments, electronic panels, beacon light, car tail lights and various vehicle windshield, etc


Packing & Delivery

Sample: small size acrylic sheet with PP bag or envelope
Sheet packing: coverd with PE film or kraft paper
Pallets packing: 500- 2000kg per wooden pallet
Container loading: 20 tons as normal



Our Company

* We are a leading manufacturer with 15 years' experience
* We have a complete and scientific quality management system
* Our quality can reach ROHS/SGS/REACH standard
* We are near Ningbo and Shanghai port, which is convenient for exporting

Choose us, choose reliable quality and service:
1) Profession and experience making us stably doing greatly in design service and qualify production for you.
2) Efficiency team to ensure quick settling all your questions and concerns.
3) Win-win conception as our action guide that we've always been doing well with our current partners to offer best price-performance for you.


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