Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic sheet
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What is an acrylic sheet? In fact, it is a kind of specially treated perspex with pure color and rich color. It can be said to be a replacement product of Perspex. The lightbox made with acrylic not only has good light transmission, but the acrylic sheet can also be perfectly combined with an aluminum-plastic sheet, advanced screen printing, and so on. In addition, the acrylic sheet can also be used in the production of aluminum-plastic sheets and advanced screen printing, to meet all the needs of businesses, the acrylic sheet is generally the best form of outdoor advertising to improve the quality of the business storefront and to unify the corporate image.

acrylic sheet

Advantages of acrylic sheet:

(1)Good plasticity: it can be easily processed into other special products, such as glass, partition, bathtub, and so on.

(2)Good transparency: because it is a colorless transparent plexiglass plate? The light transmittance is over ninety-two percent, so it can give people a hazy visual aesthetic.

(3)Excellent weather resistance: nothing can compare to the adaptability of the acrylic sheet, especially to the natural environment, even if long-term exposure to the sun or the wind and the sun, will not change the performance.

(4)Long life: compared with other material products, its life is the longest, and the impact resistance is 16 times of ordinary glass.

acrylic sheet

Disadvantages of acrylic sheet:

(1)Ordinary acrylic sheet is easy to crack, break and deform because of its low hardness, so its heat resistance and extensibility are low.

(2)Since the acrylic sheet is an organic material, it contains some substances that are harmful to the human body. When using it, it is best not to have long-term contact with skin, which we must take good care of.

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