Introduction of inkjet PVC sheet for plastic card
  2022/04/28| View:1811

Inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card is a kind of special business card made by inkjet printing technology using a vinyl polymer as a carrier. Inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card is beautifully designed, feels very good, high-grade atmosphere is not easy to scratch, waterproof imitation, anti-bending, high collection rate.

inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card

According to advertising psychologists, first impressions play a decisive role in business negotiations, and the choice of business cards has become a worry for many business people, a business card with good quality and strong color expression and tough quality is like a person's personality display, so everyone is gradually paying attention to the inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card, PVC material is commonly known as "Plastic King", with waterproof, non-tarnish, hard material, good resilience, and other advantages, so become business people choose as a business card display form is not surprising. PVC material can be seen everywhere in people's daily life. PVC can not only represent the natural color but also can represent people's fantasy color, inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card has many advantages, gradually replacing the traditional paper business card into a new generation of social cards. Inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card is made of transparent PVC material, the card looks very beautiful, crystal clear, also known as PVC transparent card crystal card, inkjet PVC sheet for the plastic card is a very popular card, a wide range of applications.

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