The main application of pet plastic film roll in the plastic packaging industry
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The development of plastic packaging products has the following characteristics: pet plastic film roll packaging is more promising; new degradable plastics are concerned; foamed plastics are moving towards zero pollution. At present, the plastic packaging industry is mainly in the following directions:

pet plastic roll1. The technology level of high barrier and multi-function pet plastic film roll is constantly improved. Its flexible plastic packaging materials have become a hot spot in recent years, including high impermeability, multi-functional fresh-keeping film, aseptic packaging film, etc. . With the bag-making and printing technology is on a new stage, has entered the color revolution era, and has promoted the soft plastic packaging products to a deeper, higher level of development.

2. The development of multi-layer co-extrusion technology has changed the product structure of functional film and containers. With the increasing demand for environmental protection, it is necessary to reduce the amount of waste as far as possible while satisfying the packaging function of pet plastic film rolls. The co-extrusion packaging film has the advantages of low investment, low production cost, strong adaptability, convenient operation, and no environmental pollution. As a result, coextrusion technology is developing rapidly in the world. The data show that coextrusion film in developed countries accounts for about 40% of all soft plastic packaging films, while in China it is only about 6%. The development of co-extrusion packaging film will also change the product structure of the multi-functional film, which is suitable for beverage, milk, fresh meat, and another food packaging.

3. Vegetable and fruit packaging pet plastic film roll has a bright future. China is a big country of fruit and vegetable production and sale in the world. However, about 30% of water is lost in the process of storage, transportation, and sale. Although the physiological properties of different fruits are different, water loss, discoloration, flavor change, and decay are common problems. Therefore, an in-depth study of inhibition of metabolic process, reduce the consumption of nutrients, and maintaining fruit flavor quality is an important topic in fresh-keeping packaging. At present, pet plastic film roll is the most widely used packaging material for fresh fruits and vegetables.

No matter what kind of plastic packaging is used, it must meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce the waste pollution of pet plastic film roll; solve the problem of solvent environmental protection; recycle and reuse. In line with environmental protection requirements, pollution-free green packaging will be more and more attention by the community. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging, packaging Waste treatment, and recycling of resources to achieve sustainable development.

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