Inspection Index of laminated PVC foam board
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In recent years, with the gradual deepening of the impact of lightweight technology, the domestic demand for laminated PVC foam board has been growing rapidly. However, the increasing market demand has brought about the problem that the quality of laminated PVC foam board products is uneven, causing a lot of unnecessary trade disputes and adverse consequences. Therefore, both manufacturers, buyers, and users of laminated PVC foam board need to pay attention to and understand the testing knowledge of laminated PVC foam board.

laminated pvc foam board

The main test items of laminated PVC foam board include appearance dimension test, water absorption test, closed pore volume test, and mechanical performance test. Taking mechanical properties as an example, due to the wide range of use of laminated PVC foam board, there will be a variety of working conditions in the application, typical compression, shear, tensile, and other stress effects, therefore, the destructive indexes of laminated PVC foam board are very important, such as compressive strength, shear strength, shear elongation at break, tensile strength, etc., material deformation indexes such as compression modulus, tensile modulus, and shear modulus are also important to test indexes.

Through testing, we can understand and reflect the performance characteristics of the products, provide technical support for the production, design, and use of laminated PVC foam board in various fields, and further promote the optimization and upgrading of products, promoting the sustainable and healthy development of laminated PVC foam board industry.

laminated pvc foam board

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