PVC foam manufacturer answers whether PVC foam is toxic
  2022/04/12| View:2615

PVC Foam Board is also called Chevrolet Board and Andy Board, its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, also called foam polyvinyl chloride board. It is widely used in bus and train roofs, box core layers, interior decoration boards, Building Exterior Wallboards, Interior Decoration boards, offices, residential and other places. So are PVC foam panels toxic? What are the characteristics of PVC foam board? As a professional PVC foam manufacturer, I'd like to talk to you today.

pvc foam manufacturer.jpgPVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, is a fairly stable plastic that is hard and brittle and not inherently toxic (like sodium chloride), PVC foam manufacturers used to do sheet, foamed PVC generally do not need to add plasticizer, so will not introduce plasticizer toxicity. But if it's a film (like a common black plastic trash bag), it's likely that PVC foam manufacturer has added plasticizers, which can be toxic (plasticizers are also generally non-toxic or less toxic). It should be noted that PVC plastics if burned at high temperatures, will produce highly toxic dioxin, so need to avoid it. PVC powder itself is non-toxic, its decomposition temperature is around 170, decomposition will produce toxic gas, and stable performance at room temperature. PVC foam manufacturers using PVC powder processing foam board need to add additives, now the domestic raw materials of PVC foam board require environmental protection non-toxic, the product produced is also environmentally friendly, you can use with confidence.

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