PVC film suppliers explain how to maintain the hardness of PVC film
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In summer to do the PVC bag in winter, it will become hard and brittle, on the contrary, winter to do the PVC bag in summer will become soft and tough, what is the reason? PVC film suppliers explained that PVC film is a heat-sensitive material, its hardness and softness will change with the temperature, high temperature will become soft, and low temperature will become hard. Under the premise of constant temperature, the hardness of PVC film depends on its oil content, the higher the softer the oil content.

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This "Oil" is the plasticizer in PVC film. PVC film suppliers often said the PVC film oil 27 PA, 45 PA and so on, refers to the oil content. For example, 100kg PVC film, if the plasticizer content is 30 kg, then the corresponding oil is 30 PA. PVC film formula is usually divided into summer formula, winter formula and spring and autumn formula. In general, 3 formulations do PVC film, can not be used for the season. Accordingly, PVC film suppliers with three formulations of PVC film made of PVC bags, generally can not be used for the season. If you do in the summer or spring and autumn PVC bags to winter use, it is easy to appear brittle crack phenomenon. On the other hand, if the bag made in winter or spring and autumn is used in summer, it will appear soft and boneless. Bags made in spring and autumn should not be used in winter and summer. What method can let the soft and hardness of PVC film be not affected by air temperature and keep stable? It's hard to be completely unaffected, but PVC film suppliers can alleviate the problem in two ways. One way to do this is not to make the oil too high or too low, and to keep it moderate, but for PVC film suppliers, this can be a difficult process. Another method is in PVC film to add the right amount of cold-resistant agent (also known as antifreeze) , cold-resistant agent can increase the toughness of the film, in the low-temperature environment below zero will not brittle crack. Some low-temperature areas (such as Russia) used PVC bags, usually require PVC bags can be kept at minus 15 degrees Celsius non-brittle crack.

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