Common quality problems and solutions in the production of the pet sheet roll
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There is no point impurity in pet sheet roll, but because of the dry and environmental problems, the impurity or inferior raw material introduced in the process of pet sheet roll will cause the level of point impurity and water ripple in the process of pet sheet roll.

pet sheet roll

The water ripple is caused by the material flowing out of the die head of the pet sheet roll. Because there is no residual material, the material is not compacted, and the surface of the sheet exhibits an orange peel-like difference in smoothness. The solution is that there must be visible residue between the calendering rollers, residue rotation uniform. Cross-grain is the process of extrusion defects, like calendering water ripple, due to calendering roller speed differences caused by indentation. The solution is to improve the three-roll calender speed-accuracy while improving the accuracy to reduce the striation.

Pet sheet roll yellow, black spots or impurities, streamlined, uneven calendering. The main cause of bubble formation in pet sheet roll is that the granule material is not completely dried and the moisture content is more than 0.005%. If the moisture is not sufficiently dried, it penetrates deep into the section, indicating the formation or retention of molecular bonds. If the drying temperature is too low or the time is too short, will affect the drying effect, when the sheet appears to blister, should immediately adjust the drying temperature and time, the paper yellowing is mainly due to the drying temperature being too high or time is too long, at this time the main measure is to reduce the drying temperature, reduce the drying time, the plate yellowing another reason is the melt temperature is too high, at this time should quickly reduce the melt temperature, the main cause of the black spots and impurities is the broken filter or the residual PET decomposition in the PET extrusion line.

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