Considerations for using a 4x8 acrylic sheet
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The 4x8 acrylic sheet, also known as the specially treated Perspex, is a perspex replacement product, the lightbox made of 4x8 acrylic sheet has the characteristics of good light transmission, pure color, rich color, beautiful and smooth appearance, long service life, and no influence on use.

4x8 acrylic sheet

While the 4x8 acrylic sheet has a high hardness and corrosion resistance compared to other plastic materials, there are a number of things to note when using the 4x8 acrylic sheet.

1.4x8 acrylic sheet shall not be stored in the same place as other organic solvents, and shall not be exposed to organic solvents;

2. Transport process, can not be the surface protection film or protective paper scratch;

3. Do not use in an environment where the temperature exceeds 85 °C;

4. When cleaning 4x8 acrylic sheet, only use 1% soapy water, use a soft cotton cloth with soapy water, do not use hard objects or dry wipe, otherwise, the surface is easy to be scratched;

5.4x8 acrylic sheet has a large cold Coefficient of thermal expansion, so allow for expansion gaps due to temperature variations.

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