Why can the optix acrylic sheet replace the glass?
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Glass is the first thing we come into contact with, in our view transparent products are generally made of glass. We never imagined that glass would one day be eliminated by the Optix acrylic sheet. Perhaps the Optix acrylic sheet is the replacement of glass by the continuous improvement of the inferior quality of the glass. What does the Optix acrylic sheet stand on? Here's the main reason why the Optix acrylic sheet replaces glass.

optix acrylic sheet

1. Acrylic transmittance is very good, transmittance up to 92%, and ordinary glass transmittance is 85%, so dyed optix acrylic sheet, sunlight exposure, crystal clear, very beautiful.

2. Acrylic has excellent insulation, which is found in many electronic products, such as tablets, mobile phones, computers and stereos, TV and other products used in some of the very small components insulators, everyone if the electronic products in the maintenance time, pay attention to, can see.

3. Acrylic weather resistance is very strong, it will not be exposed to the sun and ice and other causes of yellowing broken, let you clean up very conveniently. Acrylic lightboxes billboards, lampshades are very long life, because of the Optix acrylic sheet stability and lightweight strong.

optix acrylic sheet

4. Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and can be used over and over again. Some products made of ordinary glass, when moving, because of heavy, inconvenient, lost and pity, and sold to the waste can not sell at a good price, but if the home Optix acrylic sheet made products are recyclable.

5. Acrylic is very free to shape and can be processed at will to become the type you really want. Because optix acrylic sheet is lighter than ordinary glass and the cutting technology is not complicated, optix acrylic sheet can basically meet the needs of various industries for customized products, for example, in our daily life common cosmetics display frame, photo frame, watch rack, or large to the airplane window, fighter window cover, tank view window, size, shape, height, thickness, etc., can be tailored to the needs of the client.

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