PET plastic manufacturers introduce PET film surface treatment
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PET molecular structure is highly symmetrical, with a certain crystal orientation ability, due to its molecular particularity, the general coating is difficult to adhere to its surface, directly on the surface of the spray or printing, the coating is easy to peel and fall off. Let PET plastic manufacturers introduce how PET films are pretreated on their surfaces. There are mainly the following ways:

First, corona treatment

PET plastic manufacturers through corona treatment to rearrange the molecular structure of the substrate surface, produce more polar parts, conducive to attachment. In order to make PET substrate Dane value should not decay over time, spraying, printing should be on the PET substrate surface for secondary corona treatment. And machinery expensive, complex operation, not used by small and medium-sized enterprises.

PET plastic manufacturers

Second, flame treatment

Through the flame treatment head on the surface of PET is covered, so that it instantly reaches 1000 degrees Celsius high temperature, at high temperature, the oxidation reaction of macromolecules on the surface of PET produces polar groups, thus increasing its adhesion. Due to the flame treatment temperature and the distance between the flame and PET contact, the PET surface will be burned due to poor operation contact or contact time is too long.

Third, PET accelerator/primer

1, PET accelerator/bottom coating on the surface of PET 10-15μ spray (coating), after drying can be rewound, within a year can be at any time on the coating for reprinting or spraying other coatings.

2, PET accelerator/primer master agent, can add color paste, gold and silver powder, conductive material, magnetic material on PET material screen printing, spraying, printing.

3, PET accelerator/primer is cheap, easy to operate, widely used in film printing, keyboard sheet silk screen, conductive, magnetic coating carrier, model precoating and other PET materials.

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