Cast Acrylic Sheet
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Cast Acrylic Sheet is made of the MMA as a raw material, with its moldable material, light weight nature

High impact resistance, easy to clean and maintain features

The application of Acrylic sheet:

1.Consumer goods: sanitary ware, furniture, stationery, handicrafts, basketball board, display shelf, etc
2.Advertising material: advertising logo signs, signs, light boxes, signs, signs, etc
3.Building materials: sun shade, sound insulation board (sound screen plate), a telephone booth, aquarium, aquarium, indoor wall sheeting, hotel and residential decoration, lighting, etc
4.In other areas: optical instruments, electronic panels, beacon light, car tail lights and various vehicle windshield, etc


Our company HSQY is specialized in Acrylic Sheet over 15 years, Available in a number of colors, patterns and finishes, 

if you are looking for the products, please feel free to contact us.

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