Why Is Acrylic Sheets Getting Yellow?
  2019/12/09| View:2388

Acrylic is the most widely used material in decoration. Many consumers find that white / transparent acrylic is getting yellow after one year. Why is this happening?

Acrylic generally has three types of materials, mixed materials, and full recycled materials. If there is recycled material in acrylic sheets , it will generally turn yellow after 1 year, and the normal new material acrylic sheet will not get yellow within 5 years. If UV-resistant material is added, it can be used for more than 10 years.

So how to distinguish the acrylic from the different material?

As a professional acrylic manufacturer, we can easily distinguish between the two types

First look: the surface of the return material is yellow, which is obvious from the cross section.

Second touch: the return plate is easy to be scratched, and the surface hardness is low

Third Smell: When the cutting board is cut by laser, an unpleasant odor will be generated, and there will be a strange smell when burning, and it will emit black smoke

Our company only uses new Mitsubishi imported raw materials, which has a long service life and good hardness. Consumers are expected to keep their eyes open when purchasing materials and not to buy inferior products

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