The price of PVC binding cover A4 may be affected by the market
  2022/03/10| View:1824

In February, the overall PVC market went up and down by a large margin, with a volatility of more than 600 yuan per ton for the PVC calcium carbide type 5 in East China, the main PVC futures contract on Feb. 11 reached a record high of 9,334 yuan per ton since 2021 in November. The price of PVC binding cover A4 fell as market participants' expectations for subsequent markets shifted and fundamentals weakened overall.

pvc binding cover a4

At present, the fundamentals of PVC binding cover A4 are still weak and the overall supply is still slightly over demand, but the fundamentals are expected to gradually strengthen with the development of both the supply and demand sides. In March, the market is expected to be cautiously optimistic, the fundamentals may have strengthened, but is expected to strengthen the degree is limited, is expected to market price shocks mainly narrow, slightly upward price center of gravity. In addition to the fundamental changes, there are still some macro uncertainties, but also need to maintain attention to the macro atmosphere and future participants' changes in mind.

pvc binding cover a4

The market fundamentals for PVC binding cover A4 are expected to continue to strengthen in the April-may period, with higher or volatile prices and further upward movement in the price center. With the further promotion of downstream construction, the PVC market is expected to enter the peak season, downstream PVC binding cover A4 replenishment frequency will be increased, social inventory is expected to further decline into the seasonal destocking stage. However, due to the current PVC binding cover A4 overall order volume is not large, just need to restore the degree of further attention to products enterprises' order changes. PVC binding cover A4 spot supply may be tighter than February-March, and the fundamentals are expected to strengthen further, leading to an increase in the market price of PVC binding cover A4.

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