Advantages of A3/A4 size PVC stationery film for binding covers
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A3/A4 size PVC stationery film is a new hot sale type of plastic product developed in recent years. It is a thermoplastic ring-wrapped plastic product. A3/A4 size PVC stationery film burns odorless, does not produce toxic gases, has high transparency, no water ripple, no crystallization point, no direction, no whiteness, oil resistance, and chemical resistance, good toughness, and rigidity, good impact resistance. Customized special A3/A4 size PVC stationery film also has some unique properties: low-temperature heat seal, high-temperature resistance, anti-mirror electricity.

pvc cover a4

The main features are:

1. Bending resistance, good performance, high impact strength, is several times of ordinary materials.

2. They don't react easily with other chemicals.

3. Water, liquid, edible oil, gas easy barrier, not easy to be penetrated.

4. Transparent color, anti-UV penetration.

5. No questions asked, nontoxic, can be used directly for food packaging.

6. The product transparency is good, the specific gravity is small, the surface gloss is good, the color is bright, the crystal point, the water ripple is few, has the strong and tough anti-impact, the chemical resistance, and the processing molding is easy and so on.

pvc cover a4

There are other applications for PVC rigid films:

1. Plastic film: such as food, medicine, aseptic packaging film; there are also some precision instruments, electronic packaging, large mechanical body packaging film, and so on.

2. Plastic bottle category packaging: such as drinking bottled water, mineral water, beverage bottles, life oil, seasoning bottles, daily necessities, and so on.

3. Home appliances products precision instruments: such as Electronic Link Line, integrated circuit, various switch shell, control shell, TV accessories, etc...

4. Machinery and equipment in the chemical industry: machine parts, chains, frames, etc...

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