PVC film supplier talks about the production process
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PVC film is made from polyvinyl chloride resin and other modifiers by a calendaring or blows molding process. Generally, 0.08 ~ 0.2 mm thickness, greater than 0.25 mm said PVC sheet. PVC resin by adding plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, and other functional processing aids, after the calendaring film. PVC film supplier that this film insulation, good transparency, soft and easy to shape.

PVC film supplier

According to the professional PVC film supplier, the production process of PVC film is not complicated. The ordinary production line is generally composed of a roller, a printing press, a back coating machine, and a cutting machine, mainly through the direct agitation of the roller, the PVC film supplier prints the color on the front of the film during the production of the PVC film through a printing press, a back coating is applied to the back of the film by a back coating machine. Do not underestimate this layer back coating, it is PVC membrane quality of an important guarantee. The back coating consists of special materials, is a high-energy affinity, it is precisely because of this back coating, PVC film can tightly and dense plate or other plates together, ten or even fifteen years do not open glue. And the biggest problem of the ordinary sticking film is unable to solve the problem of the film falling off. Since the whole production process of PVC film supplier is carried out at high temperature (the temperature in the roller is up to 220 degrees), the PVC film has highlight resistance and fire resistance, which ensures the high quality of the PVC film. Of course, this is a very high demand for production machinery, usually, a set of production line equipment costs about 160 million yuan. But on the other hand, the production process of PVC membrane is quite simple, machine output is also very large, so the overall view, PVC membrane is actually a low input, high output product.

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