Characteristics and application of Transparent foam board
  2019/03/29| View:3472

Transparent foam board by definition is the use of foam as raw material processing and production of the plate, as a polymer material, in the internal structure, can be arbitrarily changed. Based on synthetic resin, add all kinds of appropriate additives, and then through the reaction of such synthesis polymerization.

transparent foam board

Transparent foam board surface after special treatment, UV rays have a certain barrier, reduce sunlight on the plastic transparent plate irradiation, thus avoiding the phenomenon of internal resin yellowing. The use of chemical reactions to convert ultraviolet light into natural light, to achieve a stable role, if used in outdoor space, can last for 10 of years. In addition, transparent foam board in the role of low temperature or high temperature, the plate performance is very stable, greatly increased the use of the effect.Transparent foam board for light has a certain penetration effect, low water absorption, good fire performance.

In addition,transparent foam board insulation effect is also very good, not easy to corrode, process ability. Used in all kinds of product manufacturing, color is not easy to change, anti-aging, so that production costs are reduced. Transparent Foam Board also has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer, compared with the common materials on the market, the thermal insulation effect is more superior, in addition to the loss of heat, has a good mitigation effect, so that heat can be used, more suitable for heating equipment in the building.

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