4x8 PVC Foam Sheets features
  2018/09/29| View:3435

When it comes to 4x8 PVC Foam Sheets, we know this product is special. Now, we will tell you how special it is through its features.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. This plastic is simple and affordable to make and can easily be adapted to a wide selection of applications. PVC is employed within a quantity of distinct sorts of material, which includes vinyl flooring. One other popular use on the solution is PVC foam board.

4x8 PVC Foam Sheets.jpg

4x8 PVC Foam Sheets Properties:
- Easily thermoformed and fabricated
- Smooth, matte finish
- Vinyl lettering is easily adhered to 4x8 PVC Foam Sheets
- Abrasion resistant
- Lightweight and durable (impact resistant)
After our introducing, you may know more about this product. And if you need it, welcome to contact us.

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