What is Table Cloth Plastic PVC Sheet
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In order to help you know more about Table Cloth Plastic PVC Sheet,we will introduce this product from its features,product range and application.

Table Cloth Plastic PVC Sheet

*Product range:
1. Color: normal clear/super clear
2. Thickness: 0.05~1.2mm
3. Width: 50~2400mm

*Features of Table Cloth Plastic PVC Sheet:
1. High transparency, bright surface luminance.
2. No smell and non-toxic.
3. All colors transparency
4. Smooth surface, uniform thickness.
5. Can easily be thermo formed, printed, and folded.

1. The packaging of textile, hardware tools, precision machinery and craft gifts
2. The production of traveling products, stationery, raincoats, umbrellas, cold lamination film and inflatable toys
3. Car body advertisement, inside car decoration (such as sun shield plates), indoor and outdoor advertisement, certificate making

4. Many kinds of lining compounding

The main ingredient of Table Cloth Plastic PVC Sheet is polyvinyl chloride polyethylene, bright color, corrosion-resistant, durable due to the increase in the manufacturing process plus a plasticizer, anti-aging agent and other auxiliary PVC material with light, heat insulation. If you need this product,please contact us.

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