Market development of white acrylic sheet
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Acrylic is already an important material after ceramics and steel tools, and synthetic rubber, a synthetic fiber known as the three major synthetic materials. Acrylic excellent performance and many of its characteristics in many areas have a pivotal position. At present, most of the white acrylic sheet used in our country is still imported, so the market demand for the white acrylic sheet is quite large.

white acrylic sheet

The modern standard for buying a house and the ideal type of building is to have enough light so that people will not only have a share of the enjoyment of beauty but also to a certain extent to save energy. In the current demand for environmental protection and awareness of the promotion of the construction industry to promote architectural features. White acrylic sheet is quite satisfying this demand, aside from beautiful and excellent lighting, but also has inorganic glass does not have the lightweight and safety. Such as transparent roof, shed roof, stairs and wall panels, and so on. Today, the white acrylic sheet has a very large development space, the market prospects are quite broad. In addition, acrylic building materials and inorganic glass are the same, cleaning is very convenient, using soapy water or toothpaste to clean the surface can be restored. White acrylic sheet also has their advantages and disadvantages. At present, some small factories with backward technology in China are pursuing profits unilaterally, and the production environment is extremely simple and the purity of the degraded monomer is very low, causing the plate to be made after easy to break, the thickness tolerance is big.

white acrylic sheet

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